Chief & Kewpie
Chief & Kewpie
30 Nov 2014
I Love being introduced to creative people who inspire others, and Instagram has fast become a forum to meet such people. I was introduced to Chief & Kewpie aka Kel via instagram and was so excited to hear she is a fellow Central Coastie. I love the vibrant colours and textural contrast in Kel's weaves. If your looking for some original and colourful textural art, look no further.

Hi I'm Kel. 

I weave. 

I've got a real handsome husband and 2 delicious kids. If I do say so myself.
I started weaving about 10 months ago and a love affair ensued.
Wool, yarn, roving textiles! The possibilities are endless and textile art has the capacity to be so vibrant, so joyous. Chief and Kewpie came about as an outlet from the day to day of stay at home mum-dom (Note: mum-dom is a word I just made up). A creative outlet gone global. What an honour. 

Each weave takes hours to make and I fully enjoy the process. Seeing unmapped shapes and patterns come in to being. It's such an experience seeing a weave take form. From empty loom to a vibrant wall hanging, the transformation is time consuming but therapeutic.
I recently had the privilege of teaching some beautiful women this craft. Weaving classes are not what I had planned when starting Chief and Kewpie, in fact I had no plans. But requests came through for workshops so I thought I'd challenge myself and I'm so glad I did.
In just months my little business has received so much love and for that I am so thankful.
Chief and Kewpie will hopefully see the new year in with more classes, bigger weaves and loads of attitude.

I have loved the opportunity to share with you all.

Kel xxx