International School of Colour & Design
International School of Colour & Design
14 Feb 2015
It's no secret we've always been obsessed with rennovating, that's the reason we applied for 'The Block.' It was certainly never to 'become a reality televsion star.' In fact, I used to be the one running from the camera. We went in with no expectations and walked away with lifetime memories. Kyal and I have always had goals to launch our own Company, and expand on 'Diverse Carpentry', we soon realised that being on National Television, and showing Australia what we could create, certainly gave us a good platform to do this. After launching Diverse Design & Construct, I began looking for avenues to develop my creative passions. I came across ISCD - International School of Colour & Design and felt that a Certificate IV in Design was a good place to start.

A large part of this course covers Colour Theory and Tools. As most people know, colour sets the mood and atmosphere of a space - so it's important. Understanding the relationship between colours, colour families and groups makes choosing colour schemes for a space alot easier. Don't get swamped with the jargon though, it starts simple! We literally started by painting the primary colours on small chips of canson paper. From there we mixed colours and developed our secondary colour palletes. It then became exciting to mix in black, white and greys. To be precise, white is added to a colour to create a tint, and black is added to a colour to create a shade, which in turn effects the tone.  

Once you begin mixing colours (Chroma Reduction) you can truly comprehend how endless the possiblities are, and begin to appreciate the foundation of certain colours. We touched on colour psychology, which is very significant. Whether we're renovating for ourselves, or for someone else, how someone feels in a space is so important. From a 'renovators' perspective, it's always important to work out why someone is renovating - is this their dream home that they will raise their family in? Or is this an investment opportunity that they are looking to rent? No matter what the reason, how an individual feels when they walk into a space needs to be considered. 

Exploring the creative process, and what affects creativity was also an interesting process. It all starts with a concept, but inspiration can come from anywhere. The simple brainstorming session, mind maps and thumbnail sketches are a great starting point. I'm the first to admit that my drawing skills aren't great, but it's definitely a skill that gets better with practice. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the introduction to Surface Design (Designs for textiles, paper etc). I drew inspiration from Cultural Motifs, Egyptian carvings and architecture to develop patterns. This in turn assisted with the 'Designer Rugs' Industry Brief. There is so much more to learn, however isn't it refreshing to know that great designs start from simple ideas and concepts! 

Definitely one of the best aspects of the course was being in a class environment and having one another to bounce ideas and thoughts off. It's refreshing to meet people from all walks of life, who have a common interest - exploring their creative side. So, where to from here? I'll keep you all posted. Since completing the Certificate IV, I've put the study on hold for six months to focus on the business. Working on some exciting things this year and can't wait to share. 

 If you're interested in the Certificate IV in design through ISCD, feel free to ask me any questions. ISCD have also just expanded and launched 'inStudio' a Nationally Accredited Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, will be great to see some more ISCD graduates doing exciting things over the next couple of years.