Seasonal Flowers
Seasonal Flowers
17 Dec 2014
Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring
…all bring their own unique thing!

Hi, I’m Merrin from Merrin Grace Floral Design.

I am based on the Central Coast of NSW and finished my degree in Floristry in 2011. Since then my little flower business has grown like wild flowers and I am often referred to as “flower–crazy!” I am a freelance florist, focusing on weddings + events and work from my home studio. Visiting the Sydney Flower Markets on a weekly basis excites me to see what each season brings.

While we have enjoyed the abundant supply of fresh blooms during Spring, and while flowers are still in abundance you have to choose carefully due to our hot Australian summer. Buying flowers in season usually means it is locally grown rather than imported, they are better value, and reflect the atmosphere of the time of year.

Nature always has the final say. Plants don’t always flower to order; unexpected weather conditions can sometimes cause flowering to hold up or speed up the farming schedule. Seasonal influences can affect the pricing of the flowers and the availability. As a wedding/event floral designer this can be a little bit tricky when the client wants something specific.

Personally, I am loving the native flower trend at the moment! With their long lasting flowers and incredible display of texture and colour, it's not at all surprising that natives are now used extensively in flower arranging. I would highly recommend selecting natives when purchasing flowers for your home over this summer season.

When it comes to supporting local, there is no better than East Coast Wild Flowers. I love supporting this family operated wholesale farm. Craig & his family are Australia’s leading suppliers of Australian Native and South African Wildflowers, providing high quality flowers and foliages with a year round supply of seasonal flowers this is why I love using this grower!

If natives aren’t your thing – you will surely be in love with Hydrangea, Dahlia’s and Peony’s at this time of year! Enjoy what the season brings,

Merrin x